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If you are making arrangements for a funeral and you live locally, Debbie Stewart will meet with you personally to discuss preferences and requirements. If you live outside Norfolk, you will receive the same level of service and funeral arrangements can be made using telephone and emails if distance is an issue.

Every effort is made to meet the final wishes of the person who has died, but where these are not known, R H Bond Funeral Directors will help you plan the funeral in the way you feel is most appropriate. You will be provided with guidance and support to ensure that the necessary requirements and associated paperwork are well managed; you will be guided through all the options available to you to arrange a personal funeral for your loved one; and you can be assured that all disbursements incurred whilst arranging the funeral will be met by RH Bond Funeral Directors and presented to you in the final account.


R H Bond Funeral Directors provide a range of funeral services in accordance with all faiths. If you are arranging a funeral for someone who did not have a specific spiritual affiliation, suitable alternatives are available, such as a ‘Green’ burial, a cremation service by a Civil Celebrant, or a non-religious graveside service. In addition the ashes can be interred – with or without religious observance. Debbie Stewart is also able to arrange burials if you have a family plot through liaison with the relevant Church or Parish Council.

To meet your preference for a traditional or modern, colourful or natural coffin, R H Bond Funeral Directors have a wide variety of options for you to consider. High quality coffins, are made from many different materials which include hard woods, veneers, sea grass, willow and bamboo. Coffins are also available with colourful imagery, including the ability to personalise the coffin with personal pictures and words.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" 
RH Bond Funeral Directors in Stoke Ferry near King's Lynn, Norfolk

Floral tributes of your choice can be ordered for you, you may wish to base them on your loved one's favourite flower or colours. You can also request shaped tributes, for example; a heart, a teddy bear, a guitar. In addition orders can be taken on behalf of members of your family or friends of the person who has died, and delivery to R H Bond Funeral Directors or the funeral venue will be organised as you require.


Where a cremation has taken place, R H Bond Funeral Directors will collect and deliver the ashes of your loved one to you. They will also support you in arranging the scattering or interment of those ashes, should you wish.

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Every funeral is as unique as the person who has died. R H Bond Funeral Directors take pride in offering every option and alternative that is currently available, so the funeral you are arranging truly befits your loved one. Please call 01366 500241 to find out more.

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